CBSE affiliation No. 2280001.

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News & Events

Co-Curricular Activities

  Adequate opportunities are given to the students for participating in the co-curricular activities. The students are divided into four Houses namely Bhagat, Gandhi, Nehru and Shastri House to conduct the co-curricular activities and to develop a competitive mind and team spirit among the students. The following events/competitions are being held.



  Inter-House competitions like Quiz, Hindi/English recitation, Calligraphy & Drawing, Solo Dance & Song, Group Dance & Song, Fancy Dress, Hindi & English Debate competitions, Greetings Card making, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, English and Hindi Skit and spelling competition are conducted throughout the academic year as per school calendar.AWWA members, SMC members and Parents are regular judges for various CCA programmes of the school.



Thought for the day : चीजों की कीमत मिलने से पहले होती है और इंसानों की कीमत खोने के बाद l