CBSE affiliation No. 2280001.

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a)      The Pro-rata Computer LaboratoryThe school has a well furnished and well-maintained laboratory with 42 computers,with facility of LAN & Internet and all latest accessories. IT education occupies an important seat in the curriculum. Two qualified faculty are available to teach the subject.


b)      Technology Aided Learning (TAL): The school has the prerogative of exploring the boom of educational software. Software to teach all subjects as per curriculum from class VI to X is available in the school. TAL classes are being conducted in class rooms and the Audio Visual room. The implementation of Technology aided learning has truly proved fruitful in conducting the teaching-learning process. A generator of 30 KVA was purchased for smooth running of the TAL program.


c)      The resourceful Mathematics Laboratory:  A Laboratory for Mathematics has been setup to enable the students to assimilate the subject in a scientific method. This laboratory caters to the need of Mathematics Practical in Class IX&X as prescribed by CBSE. Sufficient aids for practical have been developed by the students with the help of their teachers in Mathematics in all the classes.


d)      Library  : 

A well-furnished spacious   library along with reading facility is available in the school. The library contains reference books, Textbooks, story books, children literatures, fictions, Science books, Computer books, Encyclopedia and books of General knowledge. The library also provides magazines and esteemed dailies. There are regular periods allotted in the timetable, so that the students can suitably utilize the Library. Books are issued to the students for a specific period of time to inculcate reading habit in them.




e)      The portentous music room:


There is a well furnished music room with musical instruments like Harmonium, Congo, Drums, synthesizer etc. A qualified faculty is available to train the children.




f)       Science Laboratory: The science laboratory caters to the need of all practical experiments of classes VI to X. The laboratory enables the students to conduct the experiments with active participation.


g)      Social Science Laboratory:


The Social Sc Lab has been established as per the guidelines from CBSE. Teaching aids and models made by the students have been displayed for the observation of students.




h)      Games and Sports:  

Games & Sports materials are available in the school for Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket. A trained PTI is available and the children are participating in various tournaments and Inter house sports activities.




i)       First Aid: 


First aid facility is available in the school for emergency first aid of children. First aid materials are also obtained from 181 MH regularly.




j)       Art & Craft: There are regular Art and Craft periods allotted in the time table for all the classes. A lot of Art & Craft activities have been carried out for each class and an Art & Craft Room was developed to display their works and to provide an environment to enhance their creativity. A qualified faculty is available to teach the subject.

Thought for the day : चीजों की कीमत मिलने से पहले होती है और इंसानों की कीमत खोने के बाद l