CBSE affiliation No. 2280001.

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Mrs. Krishna Baruah,

MA, B.Ed.



Over the span of 30 years, Army Public School, Tenga Valley, has grown from strength to strength, dedicating itself to quality education. I have the best support and Co-Operation from everyone; students, members of the staff, parents and well wishers. “Learn wisely and live amply is our motto”.

Active learning and taking initiative are the keys to learning wisely. We strive to see beyond test scores and find the spark and the joy innate to the act of learning, so that learning becomes much more interesting and much easier. Moving on the line amply - we all want children to live a fruitful and rewarding life. The teachers of our school encourage students to build up a good character – be a dignified and respectable person. Students are taught to develop self respect first.

We strive hard to engage students in different activities. Teachers help them develop their interest by exploring their talents and unearthing their potentials and stretching their limits. The extracurricular activities, competitions, Educational trips, sports, music, visual art, performing art, cultural activities etc gives them ample opportunities to do something, so that they won’t regret not having tried, when they look back in life.

Lastly seek God, it is only in him that we can find wisdom. We hope to continue our march towards greater success in the years to come.



Thought for the day : चीजों की कीमत मिलने से पहले होती है और इंसानों की कीमत खोने के बाद l